Is Your Company Pursuing “Frictionless Shopping”?

Is Your Company Pursuing “Frictionless Shopping”?

October 4, 2016

According to Bridget Johns, Head of Customer Success, RetailNext, as the overall shopping experience evolves, it becomes more important than ever to optimize the retail shopping experience. “This can be through an understanding of what they’re shopping for and ensuring there’s available inventory on site, or at least a very convenient option – to the shopper – to deliver products to them.” Retail stores in particular will have to work harder to create better experiences. Johns continues, “…the imperative arises to deliver an authentic, seamless, branded shopping experience – from the most optimal shopper interactions with staff to zero points of friction in the shopping process. Those are the things that will establish one as a ‘retailer of choice’ and keep them coming back.”

A recent article in Digitalist Magazine made the bold statement that “Perfecting frictionless shopping experiences is not just a competitive advantage; the life of the brand depends on how well retailers make their offerings visible in both the digital and physical worlds.”

When Carrefours Belgium sought a way to improve the supermarket shopping experience, they introduced scanning tools, and the results were impressive:

  • Customers enjoy a more enjoyable, faster shopping experience
  • By scanning and packing as they shop, they avoid having to unload and re-load their groceries at the checkout
  • Checkout lines have been shortened
  • The handheld scanner also helps customers to manage their budget by displaying a running total of all items scanned
  • At a business level, Carrefour’s staff have more time to focus on serving customers
  • Loyalty rose as existing customers returned to the stores more often
  • And sales rose as customers moved away from retailers that do not offer self-scanning*

The takeaway is that retailers need to make their store ecosystems more responsive, and look for ways to deploy customer data that will continue to personalize shopping experiences. From barcodes that deliver rewards, offers, and coupons via mobile devices to using apps to place to-go orders and eliminate wait times, the way customers shop – and the ways we can provide the best experiences – will continue to evolve. And PSP will be there to deliver smart solutions and frictionless service.