Create Better Shopping Experiences

Create Better Shopping Experiences

September 20, 2016

There are three main ways we see our partners struggle with merchandising and decorating in-store environments – some more obvious than others.

Exteriors: The outside of your store is the face of your brand. Don’t put off visitors with peeling paint, signage that is too small, or signage that is faded. Research shows that the sales process begins not when the customer enters store but at the point they glimpse it from the street. According to Vulcan Industries, when Kmart increased the size of its signage at underperforming stores, it saw an instant increase in sales.

Stale displays: The ideal frequency of display change out will depend on how often your average customer engages with your brand. At the very least, displays should be updated to showcase new products and changing seasons. Whatever you do, don’t change displays during store hours!

Blocking the shoppers’ journey: Brands and retailers should be doing everything possible to draw customers in move them toward making a purchase. Find ways to encourage your customers to explore – from interactive displays, engaging with sales staff, fun product demonstrations, in-store promotions, or dimensionality that rounds out the experience.

If you’re looking for innovative ways to update your stores, give PSP a call! We love a challenge.