Project Management for every step of your in-store visual communications from concept to completion.

End-to-end Service

  • Concept
  • Print
  • Finish
  • Kit Pack
  • Fulfillment
  • Installation


Concept is the most important step in the life cycle of a program. It's also often the one that is overlooked and broken up into pieces among multiple vendors. We use this step to understand what our customers goals and expectations are.


Our print production department is utilized for both decor and promotional print applications. Whether it's an aisle marker expected to stay up for five years or a tear pad that is part of a one-week promotion, we deploy multiple print and ink technologies to make sure that we are always using the appropriate solution for your application.


Finishing can encompass almost anything that can be imagined. When it comes to in-store signage being unique grabs attention, and attention increases sales. Don't be afraid to ask us what you think might be out of the box request - it's a daily occurrence for us.

Kit Pack

We understand we are not just responsible for adding pieces to a box and shipping it out - this is where the real complexity and value of your promotion happens.


PSP is not your typical fulfillment warehouse whose only interest is running pick and pack operations. We understand the importance of your message and the role your goods play in getting that message to the end user, and want to serve you through that process.


Our installation department offers a number of exciting services that allow us and our customers to better execute in-store visual communications. Collecting store attributes by completing store surveys is a service we offer that pays big dividends and oftentimes very fast ROI. Out installation department also manages gran openings, store refresh work, rebranding and installation of promotional sign packages.

The PSP difference

We strive at every interaction to make working with us as simple as possible. Our process hinges on our skilled project managers who champion your project as their own to ensure success.

Concept to Completion

Our team handles each piece of your project from start to finish. We take your initial idea and run with it to make your dream a reality.


We strive to make every interaction as simple as possible. We know your time is valuable and we work to save you time and money.


You can rest assured our team is going to take care of you and your project. You can count on us to be partners in your business.